Scott Simon


Brian Wright


Audience Development Group 


"I believe Scott Simon has the unique ability to create a near-instant emotional contact with his audience which leads to long-term listening relationships.  Through the many coaching sessions we had, it is clear Scott is always looking for ways to sharpen his craft and I believe it is razor sharp right now."


Ken Boesen

Former OM/Program Director

WKIS Miami 


"Scott brought an extraordinary set of talents to our team. He's a tireless worker who preps the entire show complete with info, audio, and communication with co-hosts.  He has the ability to connect with listeners on a very high level and they return the love. Scott is a strong team player and helps spread that spirit with the whole staff." 


Bob Glasco


Glasco Media


 "I've worked with Scott off and on at different stations for the past twenty-plus years. 

He has always given all he had and then some to the success of the station.

You can't ask for more."

Brad Preble


Carr Auto Group


Chevy Cadillac GMC Buick Subaru

"Scott truly connects with his listeners...they trust him which is why he spent so much time interviewing our managers before agreeing to endorse make sure he was comfortable recommending Carr to his listening family.  I cannot tell you the number of customers that chose us because Scott said we "were good people."  This is truly what separates a commercial from an endorsement and Scott has that gift.  I hope my endorsement of him comes across as heartfelt and genuine as his endorsement of Carr."

Phone numbers are also available on request for the following:

  • SCOTT MAHALICK - Executive Vice-President of Programming ALPHA  MEDIA.   I worked with Scott for 14 years beginning  with Citadel, then ALPHA.
  • CAROLE BOWEN - my GM/GSM at WKIS Miami
  • CHRIS WATERS - Director, Regional Promotion  - Pearl Records
  • ANNIE SANDOR - Promotions Director -Capitol Records Nashville